Marriage Vs. Tradition

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April 29, 2012 Essay #2 Marriage vs. Tradition Marriage in the United States has become into a materialistic subject rather than symbolizing love and bringing two people together as one. Society is involved in this topic because society shapes the way people think and act about certain things that involve marriage and tradition. Traditionally in some cultures, parents choose their children’s spouse. They have arranged marriages rather than marrying freely to whom you ever you desire. Marriage and tradition play a huge role in the short story “Marriage Is a Private Affair” by Chinua Achebe, where we have the main character Nnaemeka does not follow his tradition and therefore is an outcast in his own tribe. Marriage and tradition bump heads throughout the story which causes pain, rejection, and neglect. When Nnaemeka tells his father that he is going to get married his father is in total disbelief and does not agree with his son’s choice. Nnaemeka marries out of tradition, where the father chooses who he wants his son to marry. His son chose himself and that is a great disrespect to his people. It causes pain and disappointment to the father. The father is in pain because he couldn’t believe his son went out of tradition and decided to marry someone of his choice. “..Father’s silence was infinitely more menacing than a flood of threatening speech. That night the old man did not eat,” (pg.260) Pain was obviously felt by the father even though he did not show it because of his pride. The father also experienced pain when his son sent him a letter explaining that his grandchildren want to see him. “That night he hardly slept, from remorse—and a vague fear that he might die without making it up to them.” (pg.262) Besides fear, he also has pain because a thunderstorm is coming in the small village and he starts picturing his grandchildren and he says to himself he
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