Oedipus Rex Complex

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Abbie Schwarz ENC 1102 2.19.2012 Oedipus Complex Questions 1. The child in the story is used to not having his father around very much. When his father comes home from the war, the child is worried that his father will take his place. The child is trying to vow for the most of his mother’s attention. The expected reaction to his father’s rare appearances would be what the child did in the story. He is too young to understand that his father is an important part of his life also. 2. Larry is not reliable as the narrator of events. He is obviously biased against his father and wants his mother’s sole attention. This point of view provides humor because Larry thinks that he actually belongs in his father’s place, as his mother’s sole companion. Sexuality is involved in the story’s humor because the boy sees his mother as a spouse and he thinks that they can have children together. 3. Larry calls it irony that his prayers were answered because he prayed that his father would return from the war, and when his father actually returns from the war, he wishes that he would leave again. 4. Larry thinks that God is someone that will grant his wishes and take care of his wants. He does not see God as a spiritual being, but as someone that can control his fate. Basically he thinks God is there to do things for him that he wants to happen. 5. Freud’s theory on the Oedipus Complex is that a male child will instinctually want to kills his father, and marry his mother at the age of 3-6. Larry is the correct age for this theory. Larry does not want his father around and he wants to be his mother’s companion. This theory does not fit into the story because Larry does not want to kill his father, rather he wants his father to move out and leave their household. In the end Larry also feels bad for his father and wants his little brother to go away.
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