Good Vs. Evil In John Steinbeck's 'East Of Eden'

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East of Eden – Chapters 34-39 Chapter 34 - The Question Good vs. Evil? The narrator says that people can be measured by the world’s reaction to their deaths. Recalling one man who made a fortune on the backs of others but then attempted to make it up later by becoming a philanthropist; people took that man’s death with quiet relief. Unlike another man he remembers ,who had always been immoral, manipulating others under the pretense of virtue; so people greeted his death with joy. Chapter 35 – Lee’s Lonesome The Trasks move to Salinas ans so Lee leaves to open his bookstore in San Francisco. Aron and Cal discuss Lee’s departure, and Aron bets Cal ten cents that Lee will come back. Aron wins the bet, since six days later Lee returns.…show more content…
When Adam retrieves Cal from the prison; Adam confesses that he thinks he is a bad father to the boys, and Cal confesses that he knows the truth about Cathy. Cal feels much closer to his father after their talk. Later Cal begins to spy on the brothel to learn about Cathy and gradually notices that she follows exactly the same schedule every Monday. She gives no sign that she notices him until she suddenly confronts him one Monday and asks why he has been following her. Cal tells Cathy that he is her son, so she takes him inside the brothel to talk. Cal and Cathy discuss about how they are alike and how Aron is doing, while Cal keeps staring at his mother. Cal suddenly realizes that he does not have to be like his mother. He tells her that he knows the light does not hurt her eyes but rather, the light makes her…show more content…
But Cal after meeting his mother has realized that he is not at all like his mother. Instead he has some good in him that Cal takes Lee’s advice of him being someone. Making Cal’s evilness to good. Adam – “‘Cal!’ He said harshly’ ‘Sir?’ ‘I trust you, son’,” (Steinbeck 596). Adam has finally has his father and son moment with one of his children that he is grateful to express himself to his son Cal. By saying he trusts Cal he has gain even more love and forgiveness for not being with his children for many years. Plus, Adam is able to not be like his father but instead be the opposite with just one of his children. Cal – “He though sardonically of telling him about his mother, to see how he would handle I, but he withdrew the though quickly. He didn’t think Aron could handle it at all,” (Steinbeck 586). Cal who is known to take advantage of his brother is not as evil as many think. Cal loves his brother so much that he does not want to hurt is brother anymore but helps him by hiding the truth about his mother. Has much as Cal relatives to his mother Cal still has people that he loves unlikely his mother,

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