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1. Willa Cather- was born December 7, 1873, in Winchester VA. O Pioneers! (1913) and My Ántonia (1918), One of Ours (1923) The song of the Lark (1915) 2. The general plot of Paul’s Case there many different plots of the story but basically it was mainly about the boy trying to find himself in life. Just a lost soul in search of his dream. 3. There are many setting in the story from school life to theater life to home life to life in new York city. Yes because the life he lives on Cordelia Street he was trying to escape from. The setting affects him because he was trying to escapes from something he’s not in attempt to become a different person when he gets to New York City but yet realizes that the past followed him and pushes him…show more content…
Paul is a good person I would have to say maybe a little lost and miss guided but a good person in general poetic person his deep but you have to know the intentions of his character. His father seemed like a good man trying to make a honest living for him and his family but I could see where he could be stern. His teachers seemed not to like Paul at all repulsed by Paul and his actions. Most of the people in the theatre didn’t seem to mind Paul at all until they were told by his dad not to let him into the theater. 6. 3rd person because the story is being told a voice outside the story. 7. Alienation or self-destruction. 8. I don’t feel as if he had been treated unfairly or injusticly treated at all if he makes his bed he has to be willing to lie down in it. 9. No Paul was just a boy which I found a lot of myself in I can relate to leaving from the homeland in dream and in inspiration of becoming more of who I was destined to be outside of the norm of what people around me thinks to be the right way. 10. Basically the love of the theater and made him commit the crime because he thought he would be happier in New York city and he would no longer fill out of place but like as if he was ment to be amongst the people of new York city. 11. The embarrassment about everything. 12. No. He just wanted to end it all because he didn’t want to go back and face the music or maybe that was his plain all along because he was so much

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