Stan's Explanation Of The Therapist

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Stan, like a lot of clients is having trouble speaking with his therapist and not only that, but trusting the therapist as well. He said that he worries that what he says is only boring the therapist and wonders what he thinks about what the therapist thinks of him. Stan stated that he had to watch what he says because it usually always comes back to haunt him. He indicated that he once told his mother about a crush he had on a girl at school and instead of saying positive things to Stan she only made fun of him at the dinner table. Therefore that has made Stan have trust issues and has he said just blend in. Stan has never really opened up to anyone about his problems and is having trouble communicating. He also has issues with his father. In my opinion I feel Stan thinks his father doesn’t love him like he loves his siblings and even thinks of Stan as a nuisance. The technique that was used in this session was Psychoanalytical orientated and I think that is the best approach to use with Stan. It will allow Stan to trust the therapist more and to open up about what is really bothering him instead of just getting by with what he has to say so the session can end. With this technique the therapist places more…show more content…
The therapist would say a word such as father and Stan would say the first thing that would come to his mind. At first Stan had trouble with this and said it was blank and then he finally opened up and explained anger, impatient, strong, and blind was all words he felt associated with his father. That was the first step I felt in really opening up how he feels about his father. Throughout the session the therapist observed and gave very little personal feedback. This approach I think helped Stan to believe that the therapist wasn’t judging him and telling him what is wrong and right, but more of just letting him speak and get out little at a time how he
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