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A Gift of Laughter Have you ever gotten mad at someone for disrupting you, and then realized they were only trying to help? That same thing happened to Robbie and his father in the story A Gift of Laughter by Allan Sherman. When Robbie interrupts his parents’ conversation to show his dad a picture, his dad gets frustrated and upsets Robbie. Throughout the story his father remembers his own childhood days, which in the end changes his attitude towards his son, and reveals the theme. It began when Robbie’s father was having an important conversation with his wife. Robbie, being only 7 years old ran to him screaming “daddy!” He had drawn his father a picture for his birthday. His father was very angry about Robbie interrupting, which made Robbie mad. His father’s attitude towards Robbie is frustrated and angry. Both characters at this point are upset with each other. After Robbie goes off to his room to sulk, his dad gets a better look at the picture. He realizes that it was a picture of himself. He then hears Robbie slam his bedroom door shut. The same bedroom door that he had slammed shut 25 years ago. At this point, Robbie’s father is starting to look at things a different way. He remembers when he tried to help his grandmother when he was a child and he remembers messing up. But most of all, he remembers being forgiven. While Robbie prepares to “run away” his father is busy recalling memories of how his grandmother had not been angry with him when he messes and how she taught him that “from a child is beautiful, anything.” Remembering this, the fathers attitude towards his son is now happy and grateful, a big change from mad and frustrated. Robbie’s father started out being impatient with Robbie. After a few memories though, that all changed. He knew exactly what Robbie was going through, and he knew how much it

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