The Women In Literature - Comparing Jane Eyre And Persuasion

1630 Words7 Pages The Women at English Literature Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Brontë) The role of Jane Eyre is an excellent example on the view and manners of women in the Victorian Period. She is resigned, but already have personal thoughts and pursues. She is a middle-class worker, with no actual family and no prospects, at the beginning, of improvement. But, because of her personality, she manages to transform her life in many ways. If she were a "kind" child, by the eyes of Mrs. Reed, she would never go to Lockwood school; she were able to grow up in terms of knowledge in the school, because she had the need of being liked by others and was strong enough to improve herself in many ways; she, by herself, took a chance when announcing to be a governess. Charlotte Brontë Persuasion (Jane Austen) Anne Elliot is the oldest female heroine and one of the most solid characters in Jane Austen's novels. She is level-headed in difficult situations and constant in her affections. Such qualities make her the desirable sister to marry: she is always the first choice (for Mr. Musgrove, Mr. Elliot and Mr. Wentworth). Jane Austen Comparing both novels Women Both characters are strong, vivid, self-confident and, in some way, a rupture to the normal behavior on that time. They search their own path and destiny, disconnecting theirelves with the normal society's expectations. Love Love is the main theme in both novels. Not only love as a feeling, but love as a pursue of happiness and stability, this last being totally necessary, at the time, to girls with lack of fortune. In the case of Anne, her search for love serves to redeem her past mistakes and, finally, be with the one that she has chosen, not her relatives. This is a big step for the society at that time, because marriage

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