women in othello

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In William Shakespeare’s play Othello women are a significant part. Desdemona is portrayed at first to be pure and angelic. While the play unfolds the women in the play are portrayed as not only wives but as human beings as well. They have honor, love, and feelings just as much as the men in this play. Some of them are good like Desdemona and some are corrupted like Bianca and Emilia. Desdemona is the girl who marries a man who her father does not approve. She marries an outsider even though she knows that when she does this she is going against her family and even against society. In her eyes there is nothing wrong with her marriage and she loves Othello with all of her heart. Her love is pure and sweet and nothing that happens in this play sways that love. Even when Othello accuses her of adultery she still loves him and tries to make things right between them. This character is opposite of two other female characters in this play. Emilia is not as pure as Desdemona is and Bianca is a female who is a complete opposite of the sweet and demure Desdemona. Emilia is Desdemona’s maid and she has a mind of her own. Through discussions she has with Desdemona the reader can concur that she will do anything necessary to get to the top even if that is sleeping around. She also says in one of her and Desdemona’s conversations that women only cheat because men have taught them to do so by neglecting them and fraternizing with other women. Emilia is a woman who although different from Desdemona is not all bad. She is as duped by her husband, Iago, as much as the rest of the cast and she tries to amend her wrongdoings in the end by telling the truth to Othello although she is too late to save her mistress, Desdemona. Bianca on the other hand is women who I believe is in on the whole plot to ruin Othello. In my readings I think that Iago uses this women for his
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