What Have You Learned from Failure?

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“The only real failure in life is one not learned from.” - Anthony J. D'Angelo Learning, for me, has come through many forms throughout my life. As most people from my generation who are familiar with the term, “School of Hard Knocks,” my most significant learning experiences came from my failures. Many of these unique learning opportunities were derived from making many bad decisions throughout the early part of my life. I made mistakes with my parents, who were always there for me, and even made a lot mistakes with the legal system; which resulted in a domino effect of problems concerning Child Protective Services. Despite how painful and difficult the process, I survived, and am able to reflect now on the lessons learned. The major starting point in the rough road I chose can easily be seen first with my parents, for as a teenager I wasn’t an angel by any means. In fact, I was spoiled, rude, arrogant, and a very defiant little brat, talking back to my parents every chance I could. I even cursed at them several times showing my lack of respect. My punishments only consisted of the loss of some of my privileges, such as my video games, television, even my car; but they never grounded me. My discipline was so minimal I felt I could do as I pleased and no one could tell me otherwise. In turn, I treated my parents terribly; I even smoked marijuana, which they hated. Being careless and not listening to all my parents many cautions, I became a young mother in my late teenage years to a beautiful little girl. I deserved all that came to me and I feel karma had finally caught up with me. When my father past away of a heart attack due to stress from worry and I never got the chance to apologize, it hit a deep blow. He was the closest person to me in my life and I was too busy being a nuisance to be there. Next, when it came to the laws, I was terribly defiant and didn’t

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