Darkwater Formal Writing Task

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In the novel of Darkwater written by author Georgia Blain, I do not think the characters, although seeming to live in a close knit community really knew each other very well. Amanda, Kate, Cherry, Lyndon, Joe and Steve were all meant to be friends. They hung out together at school and caught up after, but they all held their own secrets and lies. They didn’t seem to confine between each other like true friends do. Amanda kept a lot of secrets to herself, like that she was pregnant and that she was black mailing Cherry’s dad. When Amanda’s body was found down at the waterfront it turned out that she was pregnant. No-body knew about this, not her friends or her boyfriend, not even her family knew about this. In the novel Kate stated that she knew nothing of this. She said “There were things Amanda wasn’t telling her.” Amanda didn’t share a lot of her secrets with the people in the group which just shows that the group didn’t really know her at all. Kate and Joe were supposed to be Amanda’s closest friends in the group. Kate knew Amanda was acting strange and there were things she wasn’t telling her. Kate just assumed that it had to do with Amanda’s ex-boyfriend, Steve and though nothing of it. She never asked her what was wrong. Joe thought he knew all about Amanda seeing that they grew up together, but he didn’t feel that way anymore. Amanda often went to Joe when she was upset, had a problem or just needed someone to talk to. One night she admitted to Joe that her life was a mess. She said school is shit and home is shit but she didn’t explain why and Joe never asked. In the novel Joe looked at a photo of Amanda, he had known her all his life. But now it was like he was looking at a total stranger. Joe didn’t really have any secrets but he felt like he didn’t really know his friends at all. These guys never caught up with Amanda to find out to find out what the
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