Kath and Mouse

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In short stories characters make a story more interesting because of their different qualities. In the story, Kath and Mouse, by Janet McNaughton, Kath is one of the main characters who are composed of many different characteristics such as arrogance, selfishness and overconfident. Kath is an arrogant character. Kath’s arrogance leads to hurting many people like Helen. Her arrogance is shown when she makes fun of Helen’s backpack for being “made of heavy, faded cloth, like denim, only pink”(McNaughton 63),which tries to bring attention to others that Helen’s backpack is old and used which makes Helen feel embarrassed and awkward. There are many other places where Kath shows her arrogant behavior. For an example, in the lunchroom, while eating lunch Kath questions people about the musical concert. Soon, she asks Helen whom did not have an invitation to sit at Kath’s table, what instrument she plays. Helen replied saying, “No” and adding on that she sings instead with a touch of prideness in her voice. Immediately Kath got and jealous and said there are no singing clubs in this school followed by saying, “guess you’re out of luck”. In this topic, Kath’s arrogance once again is illustrated as she embarrasses Helen. Kath’s arrogance goes hand in hand with her selfishness throughout the story. Secondly, Kath has a selfish characteristic where she tends to change things so that things seem more suitable for her. Kath thought she was the queen of the school and acted very selfish. Kath’s selfishness is shown towards her interaction with her brother. Kath has a twin brother, Kevin, whom she never hangs out with and did not want to be seen with. In school, there was a girl named Christine who Kath made fun of just once, specifically about her ears. Christine was a great athlete and popular and soon she started having parties that Kath was not invited to. One Saturday night,
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