How Reading Affects Life

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It was late September, and I was in second grade when I realized that I couldn’t read. This had a big impact on me because I felt stupid and cried most days after school. Reading affects everyone's life much more than they realize. Learning how to read was an amazing thing to happen in my life. I finally felt like a normal child once I knew how to read and could keep up with the class. Reading will most likely be the thing that has had a huge impact on my everyday life. In the past when I was little I didn’t think reading was very important for my life, and I also didn’t like to read. In second grade my family and I discovered that I have mild dyslexia. It was very hard to deal with in school because I got confused very easily in anything that had to do with reading or writing. I also never liked or enjoyed reading very much. Due to me having dyslexia it frustrated me to try and read, and I hated to do things that frustrated me. It was very hard for me to find books that I liked. Most ones I would have liked were too advanced for me, so I wouldn’t have been able to read them. Throughout my childhood reading was not my strong point in school, but I learned to be a much better reader. I have become a better reader now with lots of hard work and reading still affects my everyday life. Now a days I will sometimes read for fun and books for school too. During school when I read I sometimes struggle on larger words or ones I don’t know, but I work very hard and it pays off. I have found many different books or series that I have liked. My favorite series I have read is The Hunger Games, and will be until I can find a series I like better. I am also slightly advanced in my reading skills for my grade now, which is an enormous accomplishment for me. I work very hard and practice everyday even if it is just little things throughout my day. I hope to become an even

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