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Interview Interview Transcript Cynthia Moore ECE 101 Gagnon September 30, 2012 Interview Cynthia Moore: What is your current role? Jenny Graves: I am a private tutor Cynthia Moore: How long have you worked in the field of early childhood education? Jenny Graves: I have been in the early childhood education field for seventeen years and the last three years I have been tutoring students privately. Cynthia Moore: What educational background do you need to be considered for your position? Jenny Graves: You need to have a good understanding when it comes to teaching children. When it comes to being a tutor I think having a background of teaching is better than jumping into it right away. You will need a degree of course from…show more content…
Cynthia Moore: Can you describe a typical day on the job? Jenny Graves: On a typical day I have about five students that I tutor. Some days it can be more or less just depending, especially on Saturdays since there is no school and they have more time. I work with each student for about thirty minutes to an hour depending on their needs. Cynthia Moore: How do you see your career growing or changing? Jenny Graves: I feel my career growing all the time as the days go by, because I gain more experience and more insight on being an educator. I am always learning new things from my students that help me to better my way of helping them. Cynthia Moore: What do you think teachers today lack the most? Jenny Graves: During my years of teaching I have notice that most of the time they lack passion for what they do which causes them not to put all their effort forward. Cynthia Moore: How do you get parents involved? Jenny Graves: I go over with them after each session what we worked on and I encourage them to work with their child at home on the areas that they are struggling. So we are always giving each other updates and being consistent with what the child’s needs…show more content…
Jenny Graves: The only thing that I would change really is doing more everyday with each child. I know there is only so much you can do, but I feel that there is always room for more. You can never learn enough in your life time. Cynthia Moore: What do you like most about your job? Jenny Graves: I love being able to help the younger generations learn and to guide them to be the very best they can be in life. After all they are our future and without us to guide them then the future does not look too promising. Cynthia Moore: What made you choose a career in early childhood education? Jenny Graves: The lack of dedication among the teacher’s I had growing up. To them it was just another job and I wanted more for those learning. Cynthia Moore: What do you know now that you wish you had known when you started your career in early childhood education? Jenny Graves: I wish I would have known that over the years things would change greatly within this field so that I could have been more

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