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HERO It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s super mom! She always gets through all the rigid challenges of her life! Nothing can stop her from doing her best to make her kids happy, and she will always be there till death. There is always a hero hiding in everyone. Sometimes it takes a threatening situation to unleash out heroic skills. A hero can be many things. Often if we ask a random person what a hero is, they are going to say that a hero is a supernatural being capable of showcasing his/her magic. Every now and then girls will say that a hero is the knight that will save the princess from her castle. Now I am not saying all of these claims are not legible. In fact a hero can be mythological, fictional, or even historical. A hero just expands…show more content…
Based loosely upon the history of the Great Britain and the surrounding areas circa 449 AD, the epic of Beowulf recounts the story, known through the style of oral tradition, of an Anglo-Saxon warrior king who, while confronted with the gradual switch from Paganism to Christianity, must perform heroic feats of bravery by killing the monster Grendel, his mother, and ultimately losing his life when battling a dragon in the name of glory and honor. After hearing of the slaughter of many men at the fictitious King Hrothgar’s castle by a monster, Grendel, who was “conceived by a pair of those monsters born of Cain” (Beowulf L. 20-21), Beowulf, along with his bravest men, sailed to the famous mead Hall Herot to proclaim that he “alone and with the help of his men, may purge all evil from this hall” (L.260-261). Beowulf successfully beats Grendel by ripping his shoulder and claw off, without the aid of weapons for Grendel had “bewitched all men’s weapons” (L.377), thus incurring the wrath of his mother. Beowulf personifies the epic hero: brave, heroic, and fearless. Under the duty of the Germanic Code of Conduct, the Comitatus, and with the aid of a mythical sword, Hrunting in later episodes, Beowulf’s feats of greatness grant him a place in epic history…show more content…
She has done so many heroic acts in our family that I cannot even explain how she manages to do it. Before I moved here in Rancho Santa Fe, I was living in Downtown San Diego. My mom was working at this school called Toussaint Academy of the Arts and Sciences. One day there was a breakdown in the building. She did not know what was going on. All the alarms were activated so my mom gathered all the students into a safe room. Everyone was scared. My mom was scared as well, however her ability to still provide comfort for each and every kid in that room is one of the things that makes her super. I realized that being a counselor is not easy. She has to meet with a lot of kids every day, do communications log, and provide assistance to the kids in any way she can. I know a long day of work can sometimes be really exhausting, however my mom does not give up and still does everything she can to parent me. She guides me in the right path and is always there for her. Her perseverance on keeping things the right way is so amazing. All of the things she does alone are very brave and thoughtful. One day she will get old and I will take care of her without even thinking about it for my mom brought me to this

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