Delaware: Personal Narrative Of My Life

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Life doesn’t always go according to which we plan. As growing individuals we all go through trials and tribulations but in the end we can also give a testimony of our goals and accomplishments. In this paper I plan on giving a brief description of a few of my life experiences. I grew up in the state called Delaware. It is located not far from Philadelphia. Delaware is a very small state and that’s one reason we’re called small wonder. Last year Delaware’s population was 897,934. Being a Delawarean we get to indulge in tax free shopping. This has been a main attraction for tourists along with the casinos and beautiful Winterthur gardens. Growing up my educational experiences was pretty good. I went to school in the public school system.…show more content…
Bronfenner believe that the environments or systems in which a person lives influence them to varying degrees. Bronfenner, 1917 - 2005 Ecological Theory. My mom has taught me to be strong as a single parent and a woman. She has instilled in me that I can be just a stable an independent as a two parent families are. On the other hand my father wasn’t so positive. He showered me with love, lectures, and negativity. The negativity came into play after the first child. He felt that I wouldn’t be able to be successful without an education. He felt my life was over but I knew otherwise. My father’s negativity made me persevere to continue my education. I feel I have a point to prove. I turned and negativity into a positive motivation. I call my technique negating the negativity. During the years it has worked really well for me. I managed to obtain my GED and a Medical assisting degree. Growing up I always had a passion to nurture other people. It started as a child with cleaning up the neighborhood kids’ wounds and bandaging them. My childhood dream was to become a pediatrician. After having my own kids I changed my mind. I see what my own kids go through when they are ill. It just breaks my heart to see children suffer when they are sick. I have now come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t mind becoming a nurse. I would…show more content…
I am a single parent of three children and I am currently expecting another child. My son DaiAundre is 10 years old. He is my heart. He is an honor roll student and I am proud of him. I also have a seven year old daughter and her name is Damani. Damani suffers from ADHD and a mood disorder. She is one of God’s gifts but she is a challenge for me. Having these disorders makes me frustrated at times but she helps me be a stronger parent. My youngest child is six years old. Her name his Ariana. She believes she is a little diva from head to toe. She is a very active child. She keeps me very busy. Since my father’s health decreased it feels as if I am taking care of another child. Having all of these people to take care of is a real challenge but I am OK with my decision to do so. In a future I hope to be happier. I say this because after I obtain my degree in Health Care administration I will have accomplished of goal that I had set for myself. I feel that I will be more marketable in the job industry. From this experience I am looking to gain my independence back and financial freedom. Life doesn’t always go according to which we plan, sometimes there are speed bumps and stop signs along the way. I feel that these things have slowed me down a little bit, but hae made me a stronger person. Overcoming these trials have taught me I can do anything as long as I stay motivated and

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