Bird Cannot Read

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It can be easily argued that the choices people make in high school essentially shape the human being that they grow up to be. A passion for literature and reading is included in this generalization. In her essay, I Know Why the Cage Bird Cannot Read, Francine Prose writes about how we are supposed to be introduced to major literary works during high school--and, furthermore, learn to evaluate and understand the language used in them and the connections that we make with it--and how this is being inhibited in an alarming number of schools across the United States. If this is truly the case, then we should all be very concerned about the literacy of our nation, because my own high school English education has been a joke at the best of times.…show more content…
Francine Prose states, "Traditionally, the love of reading has been born and nurtured in high school English class." I disagree with this statement only because of my own personal experience. My love of reading was stimulated by my own passionate mother who instilled in me from a very early age that reading books frequently is important for any educated individual. I was very startled to find that other children weren't as lucky as me, relying primarily on their school education to teach them how to read and to love reading. By the time that we were in middle school, the majority of my friends felt that reading was a chore and turned their noses up at any books I'd suggested to them. It's only logical to conclude that there is some grievous error that teachers are making between first grade and junior high school. That's not to say that students cannot be rescued from this loathing of books during high school, but by the manner that high school teachers present them, that isn't a likely prospect. The serious decline of youths reading literature that Francine Prose notes in her essay is a depressing, almost tragic circumstance. If reading is exercise for the brain, then are teachers doing enough in other areas of education to promote thinking? Are we spending billions of dollars of taxpayers money in education to raise a nation of stupid people? One great
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