Mike Rose Vocational Education

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Elibeth Torres Professor Gaydosh English 101 31 March 2012 The Impact of Vocational Education on Mike Rose The Vocational Education in high school can be quite helpful for some students, but for other students is just a waste of time and they can acquire a feeling of embarrassment. In the short Non-fiction story “I Just Wanna Be Average” by Mike Rose, he narrates how he was placed in the Vocational Education track by mistake, due to a confusion with another student last name. He describes not only the problems with Vocational Education, but the impact it has on the students who spends the entire school years in Voc. Ed. Vocational Education affects Mike Rose as he is not challenged intellectually, and is being abuse emotionally, but even after facing these problems, he learns to be social and appreciates diversity. Mike’s intellectual was working below his abilities. He lost interest in learning at school or in even paying attention he says, “During my time in Voc. Ed., I developed further into a mediocre student and a somnambulant problem solver, and that affected the subjects I did have the wherewithal to handled: I detested Shakespeare; I got bored with history. My attention flitted here and there” (Rose 160). Not only he didn’t pay attention in class, but he “fooled around in class and read my books indifferently” (Rose 160). Rose became incompetent because there was no level set by the teachers and the “Students will float to the mark you set” (Rose 160). During the course of the school year Mike narrates how he is being abuse emotionally and verbally by his so called “teachers”. Rose describes why and how his teacher abuse authority in him and on other students and he says, “When his class drifted away from him, which was often, his voice would rise in paranoid accusations, and occasionally he would lose control and shake or smack us”. Not only
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