Personal Narrative: The Manger Of Hollister Co.

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It was a dark cold windy winter morning last year on January 24th. I got up nice and early that morning, got dressed in my most business professional outfit which is really only kakis and a white blouse, and I finished the touch with my pearl necklace then I left to make my way to school. While walking from my car to the school doors I had goose bumps all over my legs, arms and my teeth were chattering up a storm. I was getting blown all over the place just trying to make it to the door carrying this big project board I held in my arms while the wind wanted to take it away like a kite. Finally I made it to the door and into the warm school building. My hands were full of all my competition papers my manual, folders, and my presentation board.…show more content…
I was thinking in my head high spirits and big smile wins a judge over every time, I know my material and only I can present it how it should be, I’ve got this and I will place high. Well I waited and sure enough five minutes was over. I walked in said a friendly Good Morning to all three of my female judges and then set up my board on the easel and I was off to start from there. I shook everyone’s hands said hello and introduced I as the Manger of Hollister Co. and handed out my business cards. They were all fantasized with how good my project board looked, how artistic I made everything and how visual it was the only problem that came to me was the question “What is Hollister Co.?” These judges were kind of old ladies they would probably have no idea or never shopped or seen this store at the mall before, but since I am an avid customer that shops there I had no problems explaining to them what the store was and what it was like. So then I continued to lead right on into the start of my project I was flowing pretty well and having a good time with these ladies. Once my 20 minutes was almost over I wrapped it up and said “goodbye, have a nice day.” Phew that was finally over but I think I did a good job so now I’d have to kill time till after noon so I can get to see how my results came out and see what I placed. So I went and placed my stuff in our class corner so I didn’t have to carry arm loads of stuff around, then I went to…show more content…
Then the awards ceremony started they called out many events and then it got mine Fashion Merchandising. I heard “5th place” it wasn’t me, “4th Place” still wasn’t me I was getting excited thinking I could’ve made 2nd or 1st. Then “3rd Place from Port Clinton High School Breahana Hernandez” I went up to receive my 3rd place trophy I mean it was cool and all till I got told that only the top 2 places make it to state. I was livid I wanted to know who beat me and by how much, I wanted to know everything I missed points on and what I could’ve done better. Finally the awards were over and it was time to pack up and leave a lot of kids in our class placed, but I didn’t care I still fell short of going to state. We were walking out to the bus and I was ticked I didn’t want to talk to anyone and I just wanted to get on the bus curl up in the corner of the seat and cry. Which is just what I did once we started leaving I sat next to Jason and buried my head in his arm and cried because after all the hard work and time and long days after school that I had put into that project it wasn’t enough I didn’t pull through the qualify to go even further. I finally got to see the paper results and I missed 2nd place by 14 points. I was silent the whole bus ride home I had nothing to say. Once we arrived back to school I took my stuff to my car and then back to Mr. Hollister’s room to return the

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