Personal Narrative: A Guy Named Dick

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A Guy Named Dick When I was in the ninth grade, I was bullied by a guy named Dick Cranium. Dick was the typical, athletic, cocky guy that everyone seemed to love. He dated Alyssa Cook, the prettiest girl in school, and he had the fastest car in the entire school. My name is Timothy Colt, and I was an average guy who had good grades and was not very good with the ladies. I was much shorter than everyone else my age, and I wore glasses that had the round lenses. Dick would always call me Harry Potter, take my glasses off my face, toss them to his brainless friends, and make me chase back and forth trying to get them back. It was my freshman year in high school, and I had just moved from California to South Carolina, where I did not know anyone. For the next four years of high school, I lived in…show more content…
I was made fun of daily and got beat up multiple times, mostly by Dick. If it was not Dick bothering me, it was his friends. I would make up excuses to my mom so I would not have to go to school and have to deal with the constant abuse, but even that did not help. Dick would take pictures of me when his friends would give me wedgies and post them on Facebook. I never caught a break. I contemplated suicide many times. I would have been completely fine with taking my own life, but how selfish would that have been of me? My family is the most important thing in the world to me, and I would never put them through something like that. I tolerated the bulling every day until one day, in my senior year, Dick didn't show up to school for a whole week. He had dropped out of high school, and from then on, even throughout college, I never had a problem

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