The Effects of Gang Violence

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Xaviera McRae Essay EN1320 Gang violence is becoming a growing problem in American societies. I chose this problem because it has caused me a lot of pain in my life. I live in Syracuse, New York where every day you hear gun shot and ambulance sirens. Every year in Syracuse we lose 20 to 30 people to gang violence. Gang violence cause a lot of families a lot of pain. Gang violence has a major impact on my community here are three reason; most of the victims are young children or pre-teens, we lose our sense of security when we walk out of our homes, and the loss of a loved one to gang violence. Gang violence is senseless and stupid and cause our communities a lot of problems. Most of the victims of gang violence are young children and pre-teens. Some may live and some may die but a lot of the victims in my neighborhood are children who don’t have anything to do with what is going on just in the wrong place at the wrong time. My question to that is where is the right place to be for a child when gangs are shooting everywhere in parks, stores, malls, and schools, and who get caught up in the cross fire young children. We are losing our future! Second, we lose our sense of security. I know that I could let my 10 year old daughter walk to school by herself, but with shooting all the time I walk her to school. Sometimes, I get scared just sitting in my house doing nothing. It’s crazy to know that you are not even safe in your own home. The gangs are taking over society and holding us hostage in our homes. I don’t let my kids play outside, because of the violence. For instance, one day I went to the store to get some things for my house and I came straight back home. I wasn’t in my house 2 minutes before some fool stopped in front of my house and let off six shoots. Just imagine if I had to get a few more thing from the store I could have been

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