Man of Todays Drivers Have Dangerous Habits

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Jorge Medina Michael Rather English 1301-80 11 September 2012 “Many of today's drivers have dangerous habits” Many of today’s drivers will eventually cross the path of dangerous drivers. Dangerous drivers can be seen on highways, parks and many other places. Their putting civilian’s in danger including their self’s. Talking on the cellphone is one of the most popular dangerous habits for drivers. This habit has increased for the past 10 years due to the enlargement of technology. Due to this problem people get killed or severally hurt, you don’t know it but you’re hurting yourself and others. Another bad thing about texting or talking on the phone while driving is that you can get pulled over and get a ticket. Driving while texting or talking can be a bad example for others or your kids because by you doing they probably think that they can to so it can be dangerous. There are also many under age drivers on the road that makes driving on the road more dangerous for them and anyone driving that day. A lot of people also die because they drive while intoxicated I would have to say that’s one of the most cause of death each year. Talking on the phone is one of the most dangerous habits because you’re not always concentrated on the road. Talking on the phone while driving is prohibited because you can get into a car wreck or make some get into one or hit someone and can cause severe injury or death. It is very prohibited to talk on the phone in school areas because there is a lot of kids walking to school or getting off of their parents vehicles to walk into school and you can hit them and severely injure them or even cause death. If the police see’s you he will give you a ticket for talking on the phone in prohibited areas. Many people die each year because they talk on the phone causing more deaths each year. In today’s life I see a lot of people talking on the

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