Observation Paper On Gang Violence

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News Observation Paper Gang turf wars endure in south Orange County http://articles.latimes.com/2008/jun/30/local/me-sanjuan30 Currently, a number of children are being pressured into gang violence and activity. As mentioned in the article a South County school teacher, Gia Lugo, a resident of San Juan Capistrano, feels it is necessary to take extra precautions in her city, due to the cities gang violence and vandalism problems occurring. When teaching she was always “Careful not to let students know that she lives in San Juan Capistrano and never told people in San Juan where she worked.” Lugo believes that outreach programs are important to help children and there families in gang prevention and education because, “merely arresting kids isn’t going to fix anything. We want police to crack down, but enforcement is not enough.” One resident frustrated with the problem says that, “The community has to bond and…show more content…
In these meetings they talk about ways to keep youths out of gangs and ongoing gang problems. San Clemente community activist, Brenda Elizardi, organized a candle light vigil at the San Clemente Park, to protest the gang violence. She was joined by, Latinos and whites from San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano, to declare peace. She notes, “The community is tired of the violence and wants to show solidarity with the families of San Juan Capistrano.” Like the article mentions, “there are thousands of Hispanic kids who go to school and help Mom and Dad. They get pressured everyday to join a gang and deserve help.” Alejandro Hurado is an example of a teen that feel to the pressure of joining a gang. According to his neighbors, he was thought of as an individual who had great potential and seemed likely to succeed. He is now awaiting trial, being charged as an adult, for the death of the Jonathan

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