Should Parents Be Held Legally Responsible For The Essay

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Should parents be held legally responsible for their children’s actions? Do you think parents should be held legally responsible for their children’s actions? Well, you are probably thinking it depends on the way you look at it. In my opinion, I do not think parents should be held legally responsible for the actions or crimes of their children. The question really is why the parents would be held responsible for the crimes or actions of their children. People who disagree with me will say that since the parents are responsible for the child that they are responsible for the child’s actions. What I say to that is, parents should not be held responsible for their children’s actions and/or crimes because the parents cannot control every decision of their minor children. A parent can teach a child to do the right thing but that does not mean the child will always do the right thing. A parent cannot control everything that their child does. I see examples of this at my own school. School is a perfect example because parents do not come and sit with their children in school all day everyday. Kids get in trouble for things like fighting and skipping class. I see kids being dropped off by their parents and they leave campus for the day and come back when school is over. People also smoke at school; do you think that their parents can stop them from doing all of this if they are at work? To make it worse some parents do not know what their kid does at all, many parents cannot figure out why their children are failing. They cannot stop their children if they are not there. You hear about different children on the news doing things at parties. Older kids when going to parties are being dropped off by their parents, as soon as the parents leave they have no control over the child. Do you think if the child goes and gets into trouble that it is the parents fault?
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