Community Standards Bylaw 4-2015

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If you have ever seen the 1984 movie Footloose you are familiar with the anti-dancing and anti-music bylaw, preventing all of the towns youth from being teenagers. This same scenario happened in a town of 8,100 residents located 250 km southeast of Calgary Alberta called Taber. In early March 2015 the Community Standards Bylaw 4-2015, that would ban public swearing, spitting, yelling as well as groups of 3 or more, a curfew for youth under the age of 16, as well as extensive fines for graffiti, swearing, yelling and screaming came into effect. According to Mayor Henk De Vlieger “it would only be for a 6 month trial”. Sometimes walking is a teenager’s only means of transportation. This bylaw is taking away teenagers independence, which is what parents are striving to teach throughout childhood, this bylaw doesn’t even allow minors to be in a public place during curfew hours if they have permission from a parent or guardian. This bylaw takes away any family fun, family BBQ’s will no longer be the same, if people are constantly at risk of being fined for being too loud, and enjoying life, fundraisers, bake sales, car washes, school spring flings, are all at risk of being shut down for disturbing the peace or panhandling. This bylaw also goes against the Charter or Rights and Freedom, as it is removing freedom from the residents of Taber. Community Standards Bylaw 4-2015 is unnecessary and needs to be revisited and revised while including a legal team and input from the community members of Taber as the bylaw does not provide Taber residents any benefits and it is only a hindrance to activities of daily living, independence and freedom. Bylaw 4-2015 prevents minors - which are defined as anyone under the age of 16, from being in public between 11pm-7am. Many teenagers don’t drive, teenagers are often required to walk to their destinations as their parents work, or

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