Rejection of Cell Phone Use

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Dear Steve Hanson: I acknowledge that you have asked the school board to permit cell phone use by students during lunch,studyhall,and before school. As a student _______, I disagree with the use of cell phones during the school day at all.I reject this proposal for many reasons.This is due to the fact of the non-beneficial use,the effect they have on social skills,and the increase in cyber bullying they could cause. Cell phones could be used during school in non - beneficial ways.For example, excessive texting during school would not benefit the students academically.Students playing games, could take their focus off of school work, and what they recently learned.Social media could be used and engage students in things happening outside of school.Texting,games,and social media do not benefit students during school. Cell phones could cause a social problem. They are anti-social electronics.Students will sit around on their phones and not cominicate with the people around them.If students are always on their phones, they would not be as good at communicating with others.Social skills are an important aspect of life.Being social at school is important for friendships and life skills in general. Cyber-bullying is another problem that could occur.If the amount of time students are allowed to be on their phone increases, then students would be more likely to bully other students.During the school day, a victim of bullying would be less likely to report a situation,putting teens lives in danger.It could could cause a adversity for a family.Cyber-bullying is dangerous , and extra time given to students to be on their phones could just increase the amount of bullying that goes on. I really do not assent cell phone use during lunch,studyhall,and before school is important.Cell phones could be used in non beneficial ways,cause social problems,and increase the

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