College Admissions Essay: How My Mom Changed My Life

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“I had to keep you in my stomach for another 48 hours!”. This is the phrase I hear the most when I get lectured by my mom. Whenever I get in trouble, she emphasizes the hardships she had to endure to get to America for the possibility of a better life. The world I come from is full of high expectations. I come from a family that teaches hard discipline. It's not that they want me to go to college, it is already expected that I go to a college. Their idea has always been that the better school I attend, the more successful I will be. I was born and raised in Oakland for eight years. I saw many things happen that a kid that age shouldn't have, including people getting robbed and beat up by some older kids while on my way to school. My mom decided this wasn't the right place for me to grow up in. Seeing all these kids on the streets doing nothing but participating in…show more content…
I didn't understand why she never gave me a compliment on how well I was doing in school or in anything else. My mom was always on my back about community service, joining clubs, and taking more AP classes. She wanted me to be the best student I could possibly be. In high school, things drastically changed for me. I did horrible my freshman year but my mom still managed to discipline me enough after seeing my report card that I went from a 1.8 to a 3.0 student by the end of the year. She did this by enforcing strict discipline. I wasn't allowed to go out and I had to stay home everyday to work on my homework. Society hasn't shaped me, the community I lived in hasn't shaped me, what really made me what I am today is my mom. She shaped me to become what I am today, even though it took many years to make me into what she wanted me to be, she's the one who gave me my mindset to try my best and to always know there's room for

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