Overcoming Adversity Essay

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Most societies believe that the pursuit of happiness is a primary right. On the other hand, some believe that happiness itself is vague. Do you want to be proud of going after what you want or do you want to be proud of just having what you want? The pursuit of our desires is what gives us more pleasure and satisfaction. The pursuit of our desires, to be more simplistic is going after your desires. The pleasure and satisfaction from the pursuit of your desires makes you stop and realize how proud you are of the journey you made. For example, you work really hard and have perseverance. On a more personal note, I have a concussion and I have been struggling with school work; however I did not let my injury stop me from pursuing my goal to get myself better and get better grades in school. My injury occurred on May 28th 2012 and I started to struggle in school instantly. The lights bothered me, loud noises were unbearable, I could not concentrate or remember anything and worst of all I couldn’t read. So school and a concussion seemed to not add up. Unfortunately the concussion was taking over my schoolwork and I felt vulnerable. I missed the last three weeks of my sophomore year; however I got the grades I earned the whole trimester, consequently all A’s and B’s. I rested for the summer then my junior year rolled around. As junior year started, I was not allowed to take any honors or AP classes. All my classes were academic and I struggled and could not do the school work; however I was working as hard as I could to pursue my desire to get better and try to get good grades. I started my journey to pursue my desire by staying after for extra help and work with my accommodations by taking extra time on my quizzes and tests. I only had three classes a day with an options class as my break. My school year had progressed and I was journeying along to pursue

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