Why I Hate English

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Why I Hate English Class (essay one) In a lot of countries, school is taken very seriously and teachers are looked at as the people trusted with teaching others what they need to know to enter the world. Many may say some classes are more important than others and some may like one subject more than another. This could be because it’s too hard or the class may be too boring. But the reasons I hate English, are the long drawn out essays, the thick novels we are always assigned to read, and the ever-changing rules to how the English language is spoken and written. The long essays are the first on my list to explain why I hate English so much. The first thing you are taught in English is how to spell. So, that probably explains why grammatical errors are always the first to get marked wrong on an essay. I feel if you can pretty much tell what it is, it should be marked right; teachers never seem to feel the same. The next thing you are taught is punctuation. Punctuation is actually the easier of the issues. Asking a question, you’ll use a question mark. Making a statement, you’ll use a period. All of this is easily learned and understood, but when you begin to learn when to use comas, colons, and semi-colons, that is when the work becomes difficult. The boring subjects are the last issues that I have with the essays we are assigned in English classes. The subjects are almost always on some novel or a person we have read about in history. If the subjects were on something I liked, I might like English a bit more. Yet and still, I find myself writing my essays on less exciting subjects such as, “Why I hate English.” Second on my list are the thick novels I always find myself not reading. “Black Boy”, “The Great Gatsby”, and “Their Eyes were Watching God”, were never on my list of books I ever intended to read, yet those were always the books assigned to me. One

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