Why College Students Fall Asleep in Class

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Most college students stay up late every night. Some students will stay up late for a legitimate reason such as studying hard for a difficult test, or reading the next 100 pages of their assigned reading. However, some students will spend all night hanging out with friends or procrastinating in other ways. The main reason that college students fall asleep in class is that they do not allow themselves to get enough sleep at home. With the price of college steadily increasing every year, students have less and less of a reason to sleep in class. Every minute that they spend snoozing is a minute wasted, especially if they end up not understanding the material when they get back home. There are two sides to the debate, however. Some students have a legitimate reason for falling asleep in class. For instance, if a student has spent all night writing a midterm paper or studying for a difficult test, then he or she might just accidentally fall asleep in class. This type of student may get bonus points for even going to class. Moreover, if the subject is boring and the student already knows the material (i.e. he or she has already studied it or he or she has read the material at home) then the student might have a valid reason for sleeping in class. However, this does not mean that students should be encouraged to work very hard at night and then just take it easy in class the next day. College students should understand by now that they need to manage their time wisely. That means that they should not put off essay-writing until the night before the due date. They should not cram a study session the night before the test. Some students have especially terrible reasons for falling asleep in class. For instance, a student might think that the lecture is boring and he or she just sleeps the class off. If the student has not studied the material already, then this is

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