500 Word Essay on Not Talking

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Here are many reasons I should not talk in class. All of them affect my friends, the teacher, or me negatively. Some of these reasons include, taking time from the lecture, lowered quality of learning, and disrespect of the teacher and the other students. Talking during class distracts other students and disrespects the teacher. This messes up the learning process. A class is only 45 minutes long, and when a student talks the teacher must stop their lecture in order to punish the student. It is even inappropriate to talk a little in the lesson while the teacher is pulling up a video. This may seem unfair but talking still has the potential to somehow distract the students who are not working. Perhaps it takes their minds out of class mode and sets the tone for a distracted learning environment. It is inappropriate to talk at absolutely any time during class. Students should save their conversations for the passing periods when they should be getting to class and preparing for the lesson, their lunch when they should be eating, after school when they should be completing homework, or at night when they should be sleeping. Something has to give. Talking develops relationships instead of improving educational performance. This takes time from the lesson and puts the class behind. This is not fair to the other students that are making legitimate efforts to learn. Because the student was talking, everyone has to wait and lose potential learning time. Therefore, talking does not only affect the one who was talking but also everyone else in the class. When someone starts talking they don't understand what they are doing to themselves. They are actually making it harder for themselves to learn. Students that talk usually get points off and disciplinary action, such as writing an essay. This extra work puts the student further behind in all their classes and takes

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