Thomas Tsai Essay

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Dominic Flores John Gravener English 91 09/01/2013 Pick and Choose (The First Semester of Thomas Tsai) Thomas Tsai is student in his first semester at Coast Community College. Who spends majority of his time either at school or working at his families stationary and bookstore. Thomas is a business major who hopes to one-day help out more around the store. Where he plans to take over and finally let his parents retire happily. This semester, Along with his work schedule, Thomas has taken on a full load of classes and is getting stressed out that he won’t have time for each class. Thomas’s classes consist of: Introduction to Reading and Writing, Chinese Immigration to California, Intermediate…show more content…
Nevertheless, the class has a few disadvantages. The class is not a required class and Thomas doesn’t feel he should take a class that is going to possibly waste his time. The class is not for a letter grade, so he would not be able notice the difference in progress with a grading system in the class. His family business is based upon his working schedule. It would not be able to cut back his hours and taking a class that is not required would take a lot of his time. The Study Skills class requires note taking in his current classes. This would allow him to put more attention on the note taking and possible less understanding of the material for the specific class. Which could possibly distract him and lose his focus. However, Study Skills comes with many important reasons to keep the class. The class would allow practicing the material in his classes. They allow him note take and further intensive reading, which would allow him to understand the material better. The class has no papers to turn to the professor. Even though he has a full load of classes not having turn any work would allow him to relax, because he would focusing on current and not any extra work. The professor is helpful with homework and further understanding of their work. The Class is a stress reliever that could help Thomas balance his other class. On top of his work schedule, he would be able to relax in his other classes and further concentrate in the work in those classes. Thomas should definitely keep Study Skills because it will allow him to have a further understanding in all of his
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