What's So Good About A College Education Essay

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Kara Thibodeau 8/6/2014 FYS article 1.) After reading the article “What’s So Good about a College Education?” by Andrew P. Mills my thoughts about college were quickly changed. As said in the article “A college education-in particular, a broad-based, multidisciplinary, liberal arts education-is useful for so much more” College isn’t all about what I had in mind, before reading this article I chose the major of nursing. I was debating between nursing and psychology, the only things I was thinking about while choosing a major was; how much money will I make? And what am I going to do with this major? Those two questions became meaningless after reading this article, because he taught me that a college education isn't only about a salary or what job can you get with this…show more content…
This will be hard for me because I am the type of person that likes staying with what I know and staying within my comfort zone. I don’t particularly like challenging myself with “hard” courses I like taking classes that I know I can handle and won’t take too much stress and hard work to complete others see this as taking the easy way out I see it as staying within my comfort zone. But after reading this article I now realize that different courses I take make me stand out as an employee makes me look determined compared to a student who took entry level courses their whole college career. 3.) I believe college will change my interactions with my parents and professors because college will open new doors for me and make me look at topics differently college will make me a better critical thinker and prepare me for the “real world” in many different ways college experience will broaden my outlook and knowledge on culture, politics, religion, and language. Also, I feel that college will make me a more mature

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