Vocational vs Liberal Education

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Which would better prepare you to participate in a global economy ? Explain why. High school education is the foundation for all students who will participate in national and global events in their near future. Nonetheless there are different ways to teach high school students who are looking to expand their knowledge, in a way that will benefit them and their preferred way of learning; whether it'd be in a textbook or hands on active learning. High schools establish programs for teachers to lecture in order to prepare any student to become a citizen of the world, but when it comes down to it, attending a trade school with a vocational program is the way to go. High schools based upon liberal arts education tend to study and focus on science and humanities which infer that there is a variety of jobs you can fulfill because you are aware of all the fundamentals of broad careers (Degree Directory). Potential. That’s all it really is , students have to go above and beyond to be at par with vocational students. The lack of personal experience can either make you or break you depending on what the workforce is asking of you. By attending a vocational school, you would be prepared for the life changing events that go around the world that can include your business or job. Choosing a high school that offers a vocational program will increase the amount of information you’re able to attain. Vocational programs include practical learning as opposed to liberal arts. Because vocational programs are more hand on, it will require more self discipline and determination to achieve a task. Unlike liberal arts where academic education has you sitting in a class and taking notes, with possible chances of not learning anything due to distractions caused by modern technology. Vocational programs present real world problems for students to solve if they were to be put in that

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