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Title When it comes to the topic of liberal arts, most of us would readily agree that liberal arts is a tough subject to deal with at college institutions, but it serves as an purpose to help us later in the future. Higher education may not be everyone’s option in life but its open for all people of all ages, whether students are in a classroom or not and if there communicating with professors face to face; it’s an experience that will later benefit people. On the topic of liberal arts, Charles Murray author of “Are Too Many People Going College” states, “K-8 are the right years to teach the core knowledge, and the effort should get off to running start in elementary school.” Murray apparently assumes that children memorizing skills are better equipped than adults are, and younger children enjoy the learning process opposed to high school and college students, who will lose interest in taking these courses that involves liberal arts.…show more content…
Ungar author of “The New Liberal Arts” who believes liberal arts is necessary for high school and college students, he argues that liberal arts sets the stage for the future and what jobs will soon anticipate when looking for an employee. Although I agree with liberal arts being taught to elementary and middle school students, I cannot accept the fact that Murray believes liberal arts should end with the eighth grade, why should learning ever stop, knowledge is power and students should continue to learn until they are not able to learn

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