Students Should Obtain a College Education After High School

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Some people feel that it is unnecessary to further their education after high school. They may often feel that twelve years of learning from lectures and textbooks in school has led them to have a lack of experience in the outer world. It is normal to think this way, but I believe that obtaining a college education will guide an individual down the road of endless possibilities and opportunities that others may not have. It will open doors for individuals to have hands-on experience, networking opportunity, and higher paying jobs. Therefore, we should encourage all young individuals to pursue a college education after high school. Mike Rustigan states that “not everyone needs to go to college and most kids’ just want to work with their hands,” and this is slightly true because everyone has a different learning style. It is in their best interest to learn in a manner that will help them succeed. This hands-on experience can be gained through college at a trade school. For example, my friend dreams of owning her own bakery in the future. After graduating from high school, she took a break to work at a local bakery where she struggled and lost her job. As a result, she applied to Cordon Bleu and received the hands-on experience that she needed. She said “it was the best decision she has ever made,” because not only did she receive hands-on experience, but they also found her a job after graduation. So, students who want to “work with their hands” and gain experience quicker can look into trade school where they would be taught specific skills geared towards their ideal job. Hands-on experience through trade school is a great option for those who already know what they want to do. However, for people who do not know what they want to do going to college will give one multiple opportunities to network. Networking is an important factor that is essential in building

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