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Tim O’Connor Family Interview My Mother My mother has been one of the hardest working women that I have ever known in my life so I decided to sit down and have an interview with her. See how she got there, why she chose to take the jobs she did. I learned a very interesting thing talking to her. Her first job was at Social Security as soon as she got out of High School. At this time you did not need a college degree to work in this industry and she got the job after her first interview. She said she was pretty good looking and a very good people person at the time and she believes that was a lot of the reason she got her job. She thought job searching was fun, but yet frustrating because she needed a job as soon as possible to help put my father through college, because she was living with him at the age of eighteen out of high school. She thought that all the hard work at home and with various tasks that her parents made her do helped her keep a good work ethic when she acquired this first job. She thinks that if she would want to change something about her careers and choices it would be that she would try more things out rather than just sticking with the same job for her entire life. My mother has been working at Social Security since she was eighteen years old, she currently is fifty-one years old. She spends her time taking claims from clients applying for Social Security. It is a lot of paper work and interviewing, but you are now required to have a college degree to be in the position that she is in. She has been awarded multiple times for her excellent work and excels still past the graduates that are coming into the position as of lately. She thinks that the only experiences in her life that helped her here were getting married to my father. She only took the job to put my father through college, but found that she was very good at the

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