Should The Leaving Age In School Be Raised To 18?

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Should the school leavening age be raised to 18? , for example you may think that people want to get out and earn money after they have done there GCSE’s ,but other people may think that you should stay in school and get A levels etc. My personal opinion is that people should still be allowed to leave school at the age of 16 but others can stay at school until the age of 18. I think if everybody had to stay in school until the age of 18 there would be a lot of problems like the pupils with po This argument is a hard one to decide on unless you have very strong points about being for or against or attitude may disrupt learning and some people would want to get of and earn money so they would skip lessons etc. The reasons why it should be raised to the age of eighteen are that a lot of people who did not get so much luck in there GCSE’s would get more opportunity to learn and get better results. Also there is more opportunity to achieve higher grades and more varieties of subjects to choose from. Another reason why is that those students who are not as bright as others or that have not paid much attention in their previous school years will get a chance to get their heads down and stick in. The reasons why it should stay at the age of 16 are that People will be urging to get away from school because they have been in it since they were as young as four or five. Another reason why is people who leave home will not be able to work full time so will not be able to get somewhere to live or be able to buy food and clothes. A lot of people will want to leave school and start earning money because they have enough GCSE’s to get a good job. Also will schools be able to discipline 17/18 year olds who can drive and get married etc, for example in class a teacher would feel a tad silly and weird telling a 18 year old to get outside and think twice before chewing

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