Primary Mission Of Colleges

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First of all, I am in light that colleges and universities should be preparing students for the workforce. This is because, character building education and life skills, should be taught at an early stage of education, which is the school. In colleges and universities, the students have become young adults and develop their own way of thinking. It is the role of colleges and universities to teach the students the skills required in their field for the workforce. During college and universities, students have opted the subject that they would like to pursue in their career. Colleges and universities should teach students the necessary skills needed and ensure that they have recieved a strong foundation for career. For instance, learning statistics is really important if one chose to be an economist or an accountant. If this subject is not covered in depth, i am afraid that the students will not perform well in their career. College and universities should also put emphasis on applying this skills in daily workforce. This is important as students should be able to experience the atmosphere in a real workforce and apply the skills they learn in daily life. By doing so, students would know the purpose of studying such topics and would be motivated to learn more during their life in college and universities. In effect, the canned knowledge from the college and universities could be applied directly to the workforce and prepare students for the real world itself. However, life skills and character building should also be included during college and universities. This could be classified as the secondary mission of college and university. This is to ensure that the students have the right character when they enter a workforce and could adapt to their working environment easily. Co-operation between members is definitely necessary as no man is an island by
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