Solution To Avoid Academic Stress Essay

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The second solution to avoid academic stress is building strong community between students by teachers at universities. Teachers should support students, help them to deal with difficulties and build friendly community between students so they will opener and feel themselves confidently. According to Baker (1999), teachers play important role in classroom environment and its effects on students. Tiwari (2016) argues that teachers and principals must eliminate the pressure of students and provide positive environment at universities. This solution is used decades all over the world. According to Ireh (1994), teachers should take responsibility and help students to cope with their stress. Hagler and Davis (1992) have found methods for teachers…show more content…
“As role models, teachers should demonstrate self-control and coping strategies to their students and encourage them to develop and apply such skills themselves under stressful situations” (as cited in Ireh, 1994, p.238). So, teachers should also teach students how to deal with stress and help to improve their skills. Also, Molgaard (1985) claims that “teachers should be open and sensitive to the problems and needs of students; they should offer help to students who show manifestations of stress” (as cited in Ireh, 1994, p.237). Teachers should support students and help them when they have difficulties. This solution has several benefits. Firstly, it is feasible because it will reduce the students’ stress. Building strong community between students will not be very difficult. Secondly, it will not take money. Thirdly, reducing academic stress by teachers is morally right because it is their responsibility (Molgaard, 1985, as cited in Ireh, 1994). The solution will not violate any laws for sure. Fourthly, building strong community between students will have positive long term effects. Students will become
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