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English Compositions I I’m writing about the obstacles I had to have come by returning to school to reach my goal of getting my college degree. If you want to return to school there would be more opportunity and able to get a job that I can enjoy doing every day. Returning to school opens up opportunity in my career and personal life. It will teach me more and give me more experience with the new courses I will be doing. I have always wanted to get my degree in Medical and Criminal Justice. I returned school to improve my interpersonal skills by reading the other students discussions on the topic to help me learn more. Having the resources like Ashford writing center, the library, and E-source will be useful helping me complete my assignments and discussion boards correctly. I wanted to return to school to help me accomplish my goal of getting my Bachelor degree in criminal justice I have completed college in the past with my Medical degree. The obstacle is trying to keep my school on track to successfully completing my degree. I lost my job first of the year trying to find another job is very hard. And trying to keep up with bills with the little bit unemployment I do get it makes it very stressful to keep up with my school. Having time set aside to complete my assignments, before I lost my job it was little bit harder to do my homework since I lost my job makes it little easier having more time doing my assignments, but when I get another full-time job I would keep time setback for my homework. Completing my degree it helps me get more education and have more opportunities by having two degrees to get better income. I have always wanted to return to school, since after high school things didn’t work out, then after being out of high school for almost 15 years it makes it harder to go back to school. I wanted to be role models for my niece and nephews

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