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Three Reason I Decided to Return to School Kevin Day Gen/200 February 21, 2014 Carol Amato Three reasons I decided to return to school I thought I should return to school to better my career, gain more knowledge, and be more self-sufficient. I would better my career by going into the field of Kinesiology, which is the movement of the human body. This is a very broad field that goes into so many different directions. I would like to coach at a high school/college or at a higher-level school. My passion is to coach kids and teach them what I have learned. The other ways that Kinesiology can lead me is to be an Athletic trainer, massage therapist, sports management, strength coach, and director of sports programs. These are some of the fields I would like to follow in my career. In becoming a coach for a higher-level school I would be able to gain so much knowledge by returning to school. I might have limited knowledge about the sports that I possess, but I feel that I could learn so much more. There are 20 different jobs in the Kinesiology career and I know if I cant follow one then I have a lot more options. The career as a coach is one of my goals, but as long as I’m in the sports line of work then I will be fine with that. I coached kids from ages five to eighteen which I enjoyed so much. I worked for a sports program that I was in charge of the sports for the whole Marine Corps Camp Pendleton Base. I enjoyed working there but wasn’t allowed to coach because it would have been a conflict of interest. I was the sports coordinator for basketball and football, which is where I volunteered for over four years before I was an employee there. I was able to interact with kids of all age and different medical backgrounds. Being around different kids I was able to combine different skills together to have a proficient team. I learned a lot from

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