Students Should Work Throughout a College

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Students Should Work Throughout College Students are eligible to work up to twenty hours per a week while taking at least twelve credit hours per a semester. Although many parents would disagree with the thesis “working while studying is a good thing to do,” students should use any given opportunity to work during college. There are many reasons why students should work throughout school; however, in this essay, I am going to discuss the three most important reasons: financing college, gaining necessary experience for future jobs, and socializing and adjusting to college life. In today’s economy, paying for school can be extremely difficult. Though the economy is still in bad shape, tuition fees continue to increase every semester. It is, therefore, a wise decision for students to work while in school so that they are able to contribute to some or all of the costs of attendance. Some students think that working and studying at the same time might lower their grades; however, responsible students shouldn’t have a problem effectively balancing work and school together. Twenty hours weekly is an adequate amount of hours for a student to work. This amount allows students to maintain good grades while having a personal source of income. I have seen many students who finish school with a huge amount of debt. As a result, they have to work for many years after college just to pay off their loans. This can have a big impact on their future and can be a huge problem. In addition, while working and educating themselves, students gain necessary experience and build up resumes for future jobs. This is another key reason why students should attempt to work during school. By doing this, students obtain years of valuable work experience. Very often – at the end of school year – companies visit universities to find candidates for various job positions. Students with work

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