Speech Reflections of Speech 102

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My Reflection of Speech 100: Foundations of Oral Communications University of Maryland University College SPCH100/ Spring 2015 Semester Professor Ennis Allen Submitted: May 8, 2015 My Reflections: Foundations of Oral Communications It seems like yesterday that day 1 of Speech 100 class started. My how time goes by to so fast. I choose to take this course for several of reasons. The first being, it was required for my core course requirements for my major in Public Safety Administration. Although I could have taken other courses that fell under speech, I chose this one because I thought it to be more beneficial in my personal and career development, which comes to my second reason. I took this class for personal and career growth. Throughout my years in the real-world, all my jobs have been centered towards the public. I guess that is why I switched my major from Business Administration to Public Safety Administration. Dealing with the public you are always going to have to communicate in some way or form, just as you would on a day to day basis when you interact with others; children, spouse, co-workers, family, and/or friends. This course, Foundations of Oral Communications, was about helping to understand the process of communications and learn to assess our skills as well as others. Throughout the 8 weeks, we learned how to identify different strategies which lead to effective communication in a variety of contexts such as with our introduction speech, interview speech, informative speech, and persuasive speech. I was able to identify my strong points as well as my weak points in communications. Communicating is not just about speaking but it also includes non-verbal, writing, as well as visual aids. With my reflections of this class, I want to draw your attention to what I concluded as my weaknesses and strengths in regards to

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