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EOP STUDENT AGREEMENT EOP is committed to providing students with support services to achieve their personal and academic goals while they are in college and in preparation for success beyond their undergraduate degree. As an EOP student, you must be willing to meet EOP half way, assume responsibility and put in the work necessary to achieve your goals. As an EOP student, it is important that you understand the program expectations as well as how EOP can assist you through the support services provided. All newly accepted students are required to participate in the EOP First Contact program. First Contact is separate from SJSU orientation and is designed to give you a jump start on adjusting to and understanding SJSU as well as EOP expectations.…show more content…
As an actively engaged and successful EOP and SJSU student, I agree to do the following: Understand that EOP will guide me through the undergraduate experience at SJSU, connect me with resources and services, inform me of policies and assist me in gaining decision making skills Inform my EOP advisor of any difficulties with meeting EOP Plan Requirements Inform my EOP advisor if I decide to no longer enroll in courses at SJSU or if I withdraw from the university Support and participate in SJSU-EOP programs/events, including but not limited to the following: EOP First Contact, Fall Welcome, EOP Learning Community (on campus housing option to live with other EOP students), EOP Summer Bridge for freshmen, EOP New Student or ICIW Mentoring Program, EOP advising, EOP Tutoring and Study Hall, as well as other community building events throughout the year Complete the EOP Plan Requirements as they are assigned to me for each semester I am enrolled as a student  Come prepared to advising and tutoring appointments: by bringing assignments completed, questions for your advisor or tutor, relevant paperwork and GE/Major course listings  Schedule and cancel appointments through GradesFirst in a timely manner  Maintain 12 units of full time enrollment each term at SJSU in order to be eligible for the EOP Grant  Keep my contact information current and inform EOP and SJSU of any changes in a timely manner Actively engage in EOP workshops/seminars through tracks…show more content…
 Major advising: ensure all of your major requirements will be fulfilled  SJSU Graduation Application: if you have at least 90 earned units, submit by the published deadline  Explore your career options with assistance from your EOP advisor, the Career Center and various EOP Professional Prep Track and SJSU workshops, seminars, advising and online self assessments  Build your social and professional networks of faculty, staff and professionals, online and in-person  Determine the best career path for you based on your strengths and ideals  Find hands-on learning opportunities through internships and volunteering  Explore the possibility of graduate school; know the options and requirements  Perfect your job search strategies which include knowing yourself, resume writing, interviewing and selling yourself as more than just a degree Maintain good EOP program and SJSU academic standing. Requirements are based on the SJSU cumulative gpa:  EOP requires a minimum of 2.300 to be in good program standing  The university requires a minimum of 2.000 to be in good academic standing  Meet with an EOP advisor for planning if gpa is below 2.300 or if academically disqualified  Tutoring as recommended or required (EOP Tutoring, Peer Connections, major department) Understand the university policies and procedures as listed in the SJSU Catalog  Have a General Educational Plan in place with assistance from an EOP advisor and a major

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