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Is going to college right for you? In the article making sparks fly by Mike Rose, Rose is talking about getting more knowledge by going on to a community college. Many students want to further their education to change their life style. The article also talks about how students are going to a community college to get educated in a trade such as the welding trade. It also states that the community college can be for people that have jobs, but who want to study for a career. I agree with Rose in the point that students in community college should have more acknowledgements to have better resources for their career field. There are some students who have struggled with high school education, but have decided to do something to study for a career. Most students don’t have enough time, or financial means to pay for university classes. These students then enroll in a community college. In the article making sparks fly, Rose talks about three different student and their achievements in college. Their achievements are: Cynthia running for student government, Bobby going back to school to get an academic degree, and Elias is going back to college after he had dropped out of high school. They are acknowledge by coming to college to work on making a higher level in math, show that a woman can do the same as a man, and showing leadership. (Rose 2011) I believe these students are doing different activities to better their lives and to experience different life styles. In college I was going to try college wrestling but I cannot because I’m not enrolled in the university. Even with low academic skills, going to the community college you can still explore new interests, discover new place, and meet new people. “These experiences contribute to college life, but getting an education should remain the student's foremost purpose.” (Shatkin 2009) Rose’s article talks about Elias

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