The Power Of Academic Conversations

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5 February 2011 The Power of Academic Conversations In Dr. Gibson break down Plato’s quote could at first listen by the average listener is inappropriate to describe the essence of college learning because it is unclear to indicate that it represents the essence of a college and a university education as I just read this quote. I don’t even know what she tries to say. In the quote, I just know that it is about conversation, but I don’t even know the following words what they represents if I do not keep read the follow paragraph. I am agree with Dr. Gibson says that it is very importance to have conversation at the college. As a college student, it would be so different from a high school student. College students should learn more and talk more. They learn more knowledge from professors and talk more in college life. Since last semester, I found that many professors encourage the students to have discussion during the class. Conversation is important for everyone. People can impress their feeling or opinion by doing conversation. In Plato’s quote “in these conversations, sometimes a spark is kindled which henceforth nourishes itself”, the word “conversation” is meaning informal talking by people to people; and the author also says conversation is so easy to have, it does not spend lots of time. Conversation is a way that people impress their opinion to the other. They both share own opinion to each other. The “spark” means lead the people to get new ideas or information in very short moment. It looks like a signal for the people suddenly giving people a clear light. And them people is beginning to feel like they have known something. The word “sometimes” is meaning that the spark is happen unconsciously. I t can be happen and it can not be happen as you are having conversation with people. The word “kindled” is meaning to help the spark to make it happen.

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