Returning Back To School Essay

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Returning Back to School I graduated back in 1984. While I was in high school, I had never thought about college because I was lead to believe that for me to go to college I had to have scholarships. So I decided that I will have to make do on what I can do for myself. Well back in 2000, a friend asked me why I haven’t decided to go back to school. She told me that I should seriously consider to think about what I can accomplish for myself and my children by returning back to school for a better career, so we talked about what possible careers that is good for me. We went to the city college here in Fresno, Calif., to talk with a counselor there to get some information about what opportunities that I would have and how I would know what career I would be good at. The counselor told me about these career tests. Then the counselor said that if I would like to take one there at the city college, I could, but they charge $5.00 unless I would like to enroll into college now. I explained that I haven’t decided what I want yet. Before I enroll into school; I want to make sure I make the right decision. The counselor said that there are free career tests online, but here’s one that had helped some students here at Fresno City College to…show more content…
After the test I read the results and decided what I am going to do for my career. I sat down with my family and told them what I want to do, and about my goals. They told me that would be great. We all then started putting things together to see what I need to do to reach my goals. I made sure that I would have help around the house while I am going to school, then my oldest daughter told me that she would be so proud to see me succeed my goal. So I checked around for some colleges and I found Ashford University. Even though I will be doing my courses online I will still be a full-time student. I will be going to Ashford University for my Bachelors in Health Care
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