Why a College Degree Is Important To Me

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Why a College Degree is Important to Me Education is something Americans take for granted. This is such a fortunate country that we are offered at least a high school diploma for free; whereas in some countries, an education to the high school level is very unlikely. When looking at our society today, there are only a handful of people who work and make a living, having only a high school diploma. Most people who have a good paying job have at least an Associate’s Degree under their belt. This observation told me that if I wanted to be sure to live life to the fullest, I would definitely need to further my education. I look at my parents and see hard-working individuals. My mother became a licensed nurse as soon as she became pregnant with her first child when she just nineteen years old. She knew that particular field would help provide for her and this new baby. She made it work as a single parent raising both my brother and I after my parents’ divorce. I realized that without her getting an education or getting licensed to be a nurse, our life would not have been as fortunate as it was. We were not rolling in the money, but we were not in desperate need of it either. My father, being a cop, was able to afford child support every month to assure care and provision for his children. If he would not have gone to police academy, he would not have been able to afford to pay child support. Because my parents furthered their education, they were able to find good paying jobs that provided for their family, whether they were together or not. Having such good role models in my life, I have always taken my education very seriously. Even when I was just in grade school, I just had to have all A’s on my report card, and when I did not, I thought the world was coming to an end! With the drive I have to succeed in my academics in high school, I can definitely take
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