Struggle of Going to School

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Literacy Narrative Readings I have always dreamed of having a job in the law field but going to school has been a struggle for me ever since I was younger. I was the type of child that always stayed to myself, also known as the loner. My grandparents raised me and they were always at work so I never got any help with any of the work I would struggle on. So as most children with parents like mine I did not do very well. I started to flunk high school and started hanging out with the wrong crowd. At 15 I had got pregnant and knew right then that schooling for me was over. I dropped out of formal high school at age 15. I just wanted to work and take care of my soon to be child. I tried going to alternative school while working and pregnant but that did not last but a semester either. I was to worried about what my child’s father was doing that I also quit going to that school. Six months after having my first child I ended up pregnant with my second one. I knew from then that I had no chance of ever going back. So I got married at 17 and started just playing the house wife and mom, till it came to me having to find a job. I went everywhere trying to find a job, and it seemed like all the jobs I could get were jobs at McDonalds and burger king. I knew deep down then that I had to come up with something to give my children a better life. It took me about 5 years after my second son was born to actually get my GED. I would go try to take the test and never finish because I felt I couldn’t do it. Until December 2011 I keep telling myself that if I didn’t go get it my kids would never have anything and I would be forced to live off the state or my mom. So December came along and I forced myself to go take that test. I was surprised to say I passed everything except my essay part. It took me two weeks to study for the next essay test and I passed with flying colors. I was
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