Crucible In My Life Essay

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Course: BA664 Part one Your greatest crucible and describe it in the following ways: How did you feel at that time? What resources did you call upon? How did you resolve the issues, if you have? How did it shape you and your views about the world? There is more than one crucible in my life. Since I was a child I faced a lot of challenges, as I wrote last week about my life, my dad and my mom got divorced when I was 6 years old. And my dad married another women. And I will share, several crucibles experience that happened in my life, including my parent’s divorcee, culture challenges, and child with ADD and ADHA problem. I grew up with my grandma and my aunt. My dad took us with him and my older sister. My grandma was the one who took care of us, but she was old. My grandma can’t read or write. And while I had my toys and my friends around I still had to be responsible about doing my homework and wake up every morning and wear my clothes to go to school. I learned to do everything by myself and. Finally after one year my dad decided that we can go to see my mom. At the first time, I did not feel anything when I saw her because I could not remember her as a mom. This really hurt me as…show more content…
My view about the world totally changed with everything happened to me, I learned that nobody responsible about my life or my problems I am the only one in charge with what will happen to me. Also, do what I think is right to me not what the other people think. I also, learned to be patient with other people and put myself in their situation. For example, I am a teacher so I usually understand that any students could face a bad day or have trouble to move on I helped them and I tried to give them the chance to improve and motivated them as a teacher that I was in the same their situation and I faced the same
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